Which Type Of CNC Lathe Machine Do You Require?

CNC Lathe Stands For Computer Numerical 

Control Lathe machine. As the name suggests, it inflicts a computerized control in the industrial machinery. Unlike manual control, where all the functions have to be managed individually by the team, the CNC lathe involves a set of pre-programmed functions that manage the machinery. A CNC machine makes intricate cuts in the various metallic and non-metallic objects with high precision for industrial use. A code needs to be fed to the CNC lathe machine, which results in a finished product. From embroidery machines to 3D printers, CNC systems are embedded almost everywhere. 

Computer components resemble any other computer, but these programs installed perform grinding, cutting, drilling, etc. 

Different Types Of CNC-Lathe

The complexity of any lathe machine depends upon its axes. The more the number of axes, the easier it is to perform grinding and cutting functions. Depending upon the number of axes, lathe machines can be classified as 

  • 2 Axis CNC-Lathe

As the name suggests, it has two axis- an X-axis and a Z-axis. As an outer and inner diameter, the two-axis perform functions like drilling, tapping, cylindrical machining, etc.

  • 3 Axis CNC-Lathe

The basic structure remains the same except t a C axis and life tool system. This enables the slow sync rotation functions. 

  • 4 Axis CNC-Lathe

This one has an added Y-axis to enable the off-center machining operations. 

  • 5 Axis CNC-Lathe

As the name suggests, the machine can move in 5 directions. The X, Y, and Z directions allow the cutting tool to move across them, and it rotates on the A and B axis. A five-axis CNC lathe enables machines to perform a myriad of functions from milling to turning.  

There are more types of CNC lathe, like a 6 axis and a 9 axis one. The 9 axis one can produce a fully finished product for you. Whether you need a 3 axis lathe or a nine-axis lathe depends entirely on your operations. You must consult expert technicians who have years of experience in the field. They will recommend the most appropriate CNC lathe for your industrial operations. Spending unnecessary amounts on more advanced versions when you only have a requirement of a 3 axis lathe is futile.