What Makes AccessiBe Different from Its Competitors?

Have you ever wondered how someone with a disability accesses the Internet? The governments of many nations have made a law that every user who visits the Internet, irrespective of whether he/she has a physical disability, should have access to that site. In case the website has gaps in accessibility and does not comply with the regulations that the government has laid down, the business is liable to lawsuits that can run into lots of money by way of hefty fines.

AccessiBe – An affordable AI-powered tool for web accessibility

AccessiBe is an affordable solution for companies who are looking for cost-effective means to close the gaps of accessibility on their sites. Earlier companies had to resort to very expensive means of manual processes to work on their accessibility issues. This was coupled with site maintenance costs, and so the whole process became expensive, especially for small businesses with limited monetary resources and budgets.

This is where this innovative tool stepped in to help them. The tool can easily be installed in 5 minutes and automatically starts scanning the site every 24 hours for accessibility issues. It fixes the problems and makes the site fully compliant.

How is the tool different from its peers in the market?

There are several tools for web accessibility in the market for your business. However, this unique tool has gained immense popularity ever since its launch for its ease of use and effectiveness. Users with disabilities are able to customize the user interface easily and quickly. The adjustments can easily be made by using the Tab key.

Two unique applications that make the site accessible

The unique tool works with two applications that deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning for optimal functioning. The first application powered by artificial intelligence helps the user to make adjustments when it comes to color, the font of the content, the contrast levels, stop animations, and more. The second application is powered by machine learning, and it runs in the background to help with complicated functions pertaining to the use of screen readers and keyboard navigation.

Enhance the user experience

With this tool, you are able to enhance the user experience successfully. It works on all web browsers and does not hamper the browsing experience even if the user has not activated the accessibility adjustments. The tool will scan the site in the background daily, and even if you upload new content, it will make the site fully compliant within 48 hours.

Thanks to AccessiBe, businesses are able to make their sites accessible to everyone. The tool scans the site to give them an accessibility statement and a certificate for compliance. With this tool installed on their site, business owners can get the peace of mind they deserve. They not only promote their business to everyone equally online, but they open their doors to more sales opportunities from people with disabilities online with success! They no longer have to worry about expensive lawsuits and fines.