Steps to Follow before Bootstrapping for an Ecommerce Business Venture

If you choose to start as a 3P seller on Amazon, the largest ecommerce space with over 2.5 million sellers, hire a renowned amazon consultant to establish a strong customer base. Again, if you want to start a separate ecommerce store then also a consultant can help you design and kickstart a Shopify store.

Starting your business on any 3rd party ecommerce platform like Amazon is highly lucrative as without facing the hassle of creating a website and separately optimizing it- you can the chance to sell under the banner of Amazon

We have collected some useful information that might be supportive for you to establish an ecommerce business—

  1. You must have a solid plan to start an ecommerce business
  1. 1stly, when you are about to start a business, whether ecommerce or non-commerce, you should have a solid plan.
  2. 2ndly, After deciding what you are going to sell through the online store, talk to your friends and relatives about whether they will be interested in purchasing products or services like that. You should request them for an honest response and depending on that you can progress further for the next step.
  • 3rdly, you should do some secondary research on the other companies offering similar services or selling products. Study on their developments and strategize how you can make your business survive amid the competitors that are in this business for a longer time than yours.
  1. Choose a platform- Amazon vs. Shopify 

You have the option to sell directly on a Shopify site or you can also choose Amazon to sell your products as a 3P seller.

Balance the pros and cons before hiring a Shopify or Amazon consultant that can inform you about the latest policies, Amazon reimbursement or amazon seller refund, Amazon FBA, and other service.

Get a Website Designer for creating your ecommerce website

You will require a talented website designer that can help you with various ideas while designing the Storefront or Shopify website. A user-friendly website is essential for attracting traffic organically and generating more conversions.

  1. Create a Brand & Get Ranking for your product listings & SERP
  2. You will need to hire a qualified and experienced SEO services company for branding and getting rank in the search engines.
  3. Without making it more complex, let the SEO professionals strategize according to the status of your ecommerce business by using state-of-art tools. With effective and high-quality blog posting, social media sharing, link building, guest blog posting, email marketing, PPC campaigns, and high-end keyword research it will be possible for achieving a great ranking in the top search engines.

Amazon PPC is mandatory as a 3P seller

Finally, if you choose Amazon to be the ideal platform to establish your startup business then Amazon PPC is necessary to keep driving more target audiences. With creativity and supreme talent, the weekly ads are posted with the hope to bring in more footfalls assuring a higher conversion rate.

Compare and study the pointers and decide whether you will prefer Amazon or a separate ecommerce website to maintain an exclusive customer base.