Role of Witness Statement in Personal Injury Claims 

Personal injury cases often settle out of court, and hardly a few cases go to trial. However, this does not mean getting compensation after sustaining injuries due to someone else’s carelessness is easy. When you apply for a personal injury claim, there are many things taken into consideration to determine if you are eligible for getting compensation and how much compensation you should get. 

Having a witness statement strengthens your case when the company can see that other people (strangers) have witnessed your injuries or accident. As easy as it may sound, sometimes getting witness statements can be daunting. In such situations, a Rockford personal injury attorney can significantly help you get the maximum compensation and negotiate with the insurance company. 

Several types of witnesses can strengthen your personal injury claims. 

  • Eye-witnesses. 

There may be several people present during the accident who saw the accident. Narratives from these witnesses to the insurance company or during the trial can significantly help. Therefore, it is essential to take information and contact details of the witnesses nearby when you get into an accident. If someone was with you during the accident, they could also provide a witness statement. However, since the person knows you, the company will not give the witness statement enough weightage. 

  • Family witness. 

Your family members or close friends who saw you in financial, emotional, and physical distress can also provide a witness statement. Since pain and suffering are difficult to calculate in monetary terms, a family member or friend who was there by your side can help determine the value of emotional pain and suffering. 

  • Expert witness. 

In some cases, the company or court may demand an expert witness. The expert witness includes professionals such as doctors or accident reconstruction experts. Statements from these professionals are given a higher weightage than others. A medical expert can help in determining the severity of your injuries. In contrast, the accident reconstruction expert can determine who was at fault based on technical analysis. 

Speak to a lawyer. 

Irrespective of the chances of your personal injury claim being approved, you should consider taking help from a personal injury lawyer. The lawyers have worked with similar cases like yours before. They can help collect evidence, witness statement, negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company, get other assistance your case needs, and more to ensure you get the maximum compensation that covers all your losses.