Reduce Air Pollution At Your Construction Site – 4 Ways


Air pollution is responsible for over 4.2 million premature deaths reported yearly. Over the coming decade, that number is likely to rise exponentially with increased climate change. Of the many contributors to air pollution, human activities such as construction works continue to top the list. Thanks to BossTek technology, there are various ways construction companies can use dust control measures to reduce their impact on air pollution. below is a look at some methods you can use to ensure clean air in your work site.

where to buy stromectol online Construction Activities that Lead to Air Pollution

The first step to reducing air pollution on construction sites is identifying the activities causing it. Some of these include demolition which involves clearing and demolition activities that often emit a lot of dust and other waste materials suspended in the air. Another is the use of chemicals such as paints and plastics in construction also contributes to air pollution. Also, the constant use of machinery and vehicles such as bulldozers and excavators on construction sites means continuous air pollution. This is due to dust emissions and other pollutants such as carbon dioxide produced by the diesel used by the vehicles.

Hengyang Ways of Reducing Air Pollution

Some of the ways construction sites can reduce air pollution include;

voicelessly Reducing waste materials

The materials used in a worksite determine how much waste is released. With poor or inefficient materials, constrictions sites will always have an influx of waste materials, and measures of reducing air pollution might be frail. However, waste can be reduced with sustainable materials such as cement, paint, steel, and plastics bucked up by the proper operations. This will include filtering the waste released and containing it such that it is not released into the air. In the case of demolition activities, the use of dust collectors or surfactants can help keep the fine dust particles contained.

Repurposing existing building

The manufacture and transportation of building materials account for over 60% of air pollution from construction sites, with this percentage expected to rise. But, embracing the reuse of existing property use, on the other hand, could be a viable option. With minimum constructions, demolitions, and the need to generate building materials, reuse will reduce the cases of air pollution.

Use of Energy Efficient Machinery

The fight to reduce air pollution in construction sites will be inefficient if the same machines are used as before. This means organizations should operate their construction activities with sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient dust control machines. Luckily, technological advancements have led to the manufacture and production of such machines. Small changes like this will help save the environment by reducing the depletion of the existing resources. To top it off, such machines help remove dust from the air which helps increase business productivity and efficiency.

Recycling Materials

Lastly, recycling materials is a measure that could help solve the problem of disposing of waste materials on construction sites. Through the EPA’s Industrial Recycling Program, a construction site could recycle materials and other components such as wood and steel.

Reducing air pollution is not a one-time thing. It will require a consistent application of air pollution eliminating measures. Some of the measures include recycling and the use of sustainable materials to help you maintain clean air at your work site.