Practical Virtual Negotiation Training Program

These are hard times for negotiators today. Life on a professional level and in general is more confusing. Confusing are the people and their expectations that are sometimes difficult to decipher. It is very easy to make mistakes that often come to compromise even lasting relationships. Improving your negotiation skills is certainly possible through exercise, good observation skills and continuous learning. With this in mind, we try to throw down some certainties. Now with the virtual negotiations taking place today, the virtual negotiation training program can be of the best support.

Französisch Buchholz What Is Meant By Negotiation?

Negotiation is the process that allows us to achieve our goals through an exchange of information aimed at reaching an agreement through communication with counterparty when we have both common and conflicting interests. We are therefore talking about an exchange that reaches a satisfactory conclusion for the counterparties who, through this negotiation, obtain a result that they consider satisfactory. What are the characteristics of a good negotiator? Listening Skills

You are not alone about yourself and the problems of the other party, an exchange cannot take place without a balance of the values ​​involved, you will win only if the other party who accepts the agreement feels satisfied, you must immediately try to understand how

Create Effective Relationships

Exchange is never just an exchange of values ​​but also of emotions, perspectives, contexts, unspoken. Try to be clear and authentic make them perceive the value of your proposals, and enrich the weight of relationships by taking care of the surrounding elements

Presentation Skills

You will not have a second chance to make a good first impression, the initial impact creates a disposition or indisposition to subsequent listening raises expectations that may be hard to recover

It Is Not Us as People Who Are At Stake

Don’t let the negotiations speak the interests you bring in the negotiation. Never forget to feel ok as a person. It is not a judgment on you so do not get depressed or angry, take it with philosophy and continue to negotiate.


Read up on, get informed, ask as much as possible reduce the unexpected to a space as limited as possible, you will feel safer and you will be more able to manage the unexpected, do tests, simulate, prefigure the possible obstacles.

Review of Follow up Reprogramming

Recap, share, summarize conclusions and reschedule give future to your negotiations create long-term perspectives. Negotiation is part of our life more than we imagine, with our wife, at the greengrocer’s, when we decide what to do in the evening with friends it is a skill that could certainly be treasured not only in professional life.