Is Search Engine Marketing [SEM] Suitable For You?

Search Engine Marketing is the use of paid advertisements to make your items or services accessible on top search engine result pages when users enter a specific term. SEM is a powerful marketing technique that may help your company grow and reach new customers. It can be difficult to compete effectively with organic SEO methods at times, which is where SEM comes in.

There are professionals that helps you with the SEO and SEM approaches because both are the basics of your digital marketing strategy. Search engine marketing [SEM] is a cost-effective way to bring qualified traffic towards the sales funnel bottom. SEO is a potent way of driving organic traffic at the sales funnel top.

Ad Auction: How To Spend Your Money Wisely

You must participate in an ad auction if you want to invest in SEM. For example, you may have noticed Google adverts at the top of search engine results pages. Each Google ad must go through an ad auction, and in order to do so, the keywords to bid on must be identified. Determine how much money you’ll need to spend on pay-per-click ads for those keywords.

Google will determine if the bidding terms you provided in the ad auction are restricted to the user’s search query. Because some phrases have no commercial intent, not every ad will appear in every associated search query. Even if the keyword is a perfect match, it will not win the bidding.

Two main aspects are considered in ad auctions – quality score and maximum bid. 

  • The quality score measure is based on the overall quality of your ad. It is an important metric since it assists in determining a higher position [ad ranking] at a low cost. The quality score considers the ad’s quality, the landing page, and the keywords. The more relevant the ad is to the user, the more probable it is that the user will click through and land on an enticing landing page.
  • The maximum bid is the max amount you are willing to pay per click. 

You Need These Key Ingredients For Your SEM Strategy

The sponsored search advertising must be optimised with a specific purpose in mind as part of the SEM strategy. If variables are not managed effectively, you will need to understand how the budget, ad copy, and keywords will impact performance. Consider the following components for a good SEM campaign.

Keyword Should Be One Of Your Priority

Paid search advertisements begin with the selection of the appropriate keyword for bidding. The keywords you select must serve the purpose of your PPC marketing campaign. You can begin by defining your product or describing your competitors. Businesses on a tight budget can select keywords with high purchasing intent for bidding. If you have a huge budget, you can bid on keywords that are only weakly related to your business.

Consider The Popularity And Usage Of the Keyword 

Most popular keywords attract high competition and can lose relevance at times. On the other hand, if the target keyword is not used or less used then you will not see any results. Therefore, perform research between high volume and low competitive research. It can turn into a balancing act between competition [budget] and volume [demand].

Every Keyword Has Its Own Cost

The placement for your PPC ad is based on a specific keyword bidding amount and quality score. High competitive keywords are costly and low bidding means no results. Therefore, ensure to choose a keyword-based on competitive analysis.

Account & campaign structure

High-volume keywords can consume your entire budget, so Google Ads account structuring needs to be precise. There are several levels like Ad, Keywords, Ad Group, and Campaign to consider. You will need to keep track of what works and what doesn’t at every level. You will stay alert about your PPC ad performance and how the budget is spent.

Ad copy

With appropriate keywords chosen and a correctly structured account, you will need to create clickable ad copy. The ad components are title, description, display URL, and description. Write appealing ads that click. 

PPC ad management is an ongoing process, which helps to remove budget waste, optimize bidding keywords, and experiment with ads to ensure to gain the most from PPC marketing efforts.