Importing a car into Canada: Call a customs broker

International trade is subject to hundreds of laws and regulations. If you plan to buy a car in the US and import it to Canada, you should start with understanding the process. Vehicle import requirements are very specific and unique, and for someone with little to no experience in importing, the process can be overwhelming. That’s where a customs broker can help. Top customs brokers like  Clearit car importing have been around for years and have credible expertise in importing vehicles. If you are wondering whether you need professional help, here’s what you need to know. 

unfearfully Keeping up with the requirements

In Canada, imported vehicles must be inspected by provincial agents within 45 days from the date of entry. For some vehicles, even federal inspections are required. As an importer, you are required to pay GST, excise tax, and other charges. For certain models, you may need to pay a green levy tax based on fuel consumption. If you miss out on duties, tariffs, or taxes, you may have a hard time getting your vehicle. Also, some cars are not allowed entry, while other categories are subject to more regulations. While the process may seem easy on paper, things may not move as expected. Consider working with a customs broker so that you can focus on other aspects. 

Solihull What can a customs broker do for your vehicle importing needs? 

Firstly, the customs broker can help understand the country of origin and destination. They will also help with evaluating supplier requirements and guide you on tariff classification. Because customs brokers constantly deal with car imports, they can help with routings so that the costs are at a minimum. If you are thinking about how you can get your dream car in Canada and save money, working with a licensed broker is your ideal choice. Finding the right customs broker

Just like all lawyers are not the same, that’s equally true for customs brokers. As a customer, you should always consider all aspects before choosing one. Many customs brokerage firms have a confidentiality clause, which may prevent them from sharing references or details, but you can always check reviews and testimonials to gather info. Many customs brokers specialize in vehicle imports and are more reliable. The area of expertise is something you must consider. 

If you have questions, you can contact a customs broker directly to see the interest they take in your case. Call a top-rated firm today.